Our polyurethane-based surface technology creates a harmonic vehicle interior that engages the senses and invites you to relax. A wide variety of materials, such as wood, leather, textiles, light guides and mechanical elements, can be integrated effortlessly – a perfectly coordinated vehicle interior that meets the highest standards of appearance and feel.


Surfaces shine in attractive and luxurious colors and reflect timeless beauty and elegance. There are no limits to the optic design. Our customers particularly value our ability to produce bright, lightfast colors easily.


The natural leather skin always serves as the model for our diverse surfaces: a high-tech product inspired by nature. Our competence in grain reproduction is unrivalled, even down to microscopic scales.


With the method developed by ASCORIUM Industries, the gloss level can be aligned for every component. This way, we achieve perfect harmony in the vehicle interior – for the highest standards of appearance and feel.


We finish our surfaces with 100% natural seams – high-quality and authentic. The stitches concept offers the combination of Colo-Sense® Lite spray skin with classic leather processing technology, opening up completely new design opportunities.


The moderate process conditions employed in the production of ASCORIUM Industries spray skin create the ideal conditions for added value. The possibility of integrating other materials during the spraying process and of realising daring combinations of grains and colours opens up innumerable options for customisation. And there are no limits in sight …