ASCORIUM Industries is proud to be part of the interior of the current Audi A6. Audi has decided to use our Colo-Sense® Lite skin for the upper area of the dashboard as the perfect contribution to the automaker’s high standard of quality in the area of technology and perceived quality.


Since mid-2018 our second production site in Shenyang, P.R. has been supplying the dashboards and glove boxes for the BMW X3 and the current BMW 3. This location is a plant-in-plant operation with our direct customer Dräxlmaier Automotive China, which supplies the cockpit module for BMW. Located in direct proximity to our first plant in Shenyang, this product site has expanded our presence and supply base in China.

Colo-Sense® X-Lite

Weight reduction is and remains one of the major issues in the world of automotive manufacturers. For all drive types, weight reduction is a necessary factor in meeting consumption, emission and range targets. With the new generation of skins, we have set ourselves a weight reduction goal of 15% in comparison with our predecessor. It fulfils 100% of current specifications for emissions and odour and reaches an even higher level with regard to haptics and design options for stitch seams.


ASCORIUM Industries works continuously on the further development of its products with regard to their material properties and perceived quality, always in agreement with the needs and wishes of our customers. Sustainability is an important driving factor on both the product and process side. Yet our product also supports other, future-oriented possibilities: connectivity, electrification, autonomous driving and car sharing – trends of the automotive future. This will result in a comprehensive and exciting research area, from which new developments and prototypes will emerge in the coming years.