ASCORIUM Industries has been on the market with its light-stable, aliphatic polyurethane material Colo-Fast® since 1994. Over the years, it has been met with high acceptance in the world of automotive interiors and has long been the standard for colour, gloss and perceived value among experts.

Constantly changing customer demands and a growing number of legal requirements have led to continuous processes of improvement and innovation, so that even today the Colo-Fast® skin remains an advanced, state-of-the-art product.

Colo-Sense® Lite

This spray skin from ASCORIUM Industries, with an emphasis on weight reduction, originated from the further development of the originally single-layered Colo-Fast® and the two-layered Colo-Sense® spray skins. Like Colo-Sense®, it also consists of a two-layer system, but the second layer is sprayed with a lower density. With this technology, weight savings of at least 20% are possible compared with Colo-Fast® or Colo-Sense® spray skin. The Colo-Sense® Lite spray skin also retains its light and colour stability over the entire service life, even under extreme conditions, these being part of its performance promise. A reduction in weight means less material and thus lower costs. This gives Colo-Sense® Lite a clear competitive edge compared to other moulded skin materials used in series production.

Colo-Sense® X-Lite

The new generation of spray skins is in the starting blocks: Colo-Sense® X-Lite goes a few steps further than its predecessor. Its emphases are:

  • Further weight reduction
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Higher perceived quality


Colo-Fast® technology reaction overmoulding (ROM) – Recasting technology
Colo-Fast®, which is used for casting technology, is also suitable for recasting technology (overmoulding processes). In this case, a material carrier (ABS, for example) is positioned in the tool before the Colo-Fast® material is injected. This makes it possible to manufacture a complete component in a single processing step, not just a skin.


In order to be able to offer complete solutions for the automotive industry, ASCORIUM Industries has been investing in the development of polyurethane-based carrier materials for the past several years. From this evolved our product CompoLite®, a lightweight carrier made of composite material, which represents a sustainable alternative to other materials. CompoLite® can be combined with all kinds of surface materials.

The properties of CompoLite®carriers are comparable to those of other materials for the same purpose, but with a lower weight. CompoLite® passes the most extreme crash tests and has an excellent energy absorption capacity. It can be combined with all kinds of surface materials, regardless of whether they are hard or soft materials, and can be processed in both single-stage and multi-stage processes.